Technology companies need, more than ever, the skills and knowledge of women. Women's participation in IT falls far short of its real potential and the needs of the area. Like men, women are completely comfortable using technology, but are not participating effectively in the design and development of these products.

We believe that mixed teams, with a balanced participation of professionals of both genders and different and complementary views, are undoubtedly better prepared to guarantee greater competitiveness, giving rise to the best products and solutions.

We want to discuss how women can play a greater role in creating success stories in business and technology. Diversity adds value to business!

Our mission is to encourage Brazilian and international technology companies to understand and execute diversity strategies that will avoid perpetuating bias and create a more productive, diversified and connected industry for everyone.

By promoting the success of influencers and companies that are making real progress to include diversity and inclusion in their culture, we strive to deepen the dialogue around equality and inspire the millions of young technology enthusiasts around the world to become leaders. by themselves, regardless of who they are.